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Never in a million years could author Olivera Milojkovic have imagined that menopause would be the catalyst to her inner transformation and very powerful spiritual awakening.

In her late thirties she had what most people consider everything. She was a wife and mother, owned a thriving business with her husband, lived in a beautiful house, and travelled the world. But instead of being happy and content, she felt sad, depressed and depleted. She then stepped into early full blown menopause, followed by a divorce and moved away from her family and friends.

While in the midst of all the chaos, she had a strong feeling that a greater truth was hidden in menopause. The next five years were spent uncovering her true self, the self that had been covered up by weaknesses and buried deep beneath layers of conditioning. It was during this time that Olivera came to know that she was having a spiritual awakening through menopause. In her awakened state she understood that menopause was a natural doorway which carried the potential to transform a woman into an even greater expression of herself, one infused with insight, inner strength and wisdom.

In this memoir she highlights the signs and reveals insights from her personal spiritual awakening. The book serves as a guide to the true self and carries the hope of inspiring countless other women to now see menopause in a completely new way, as an epic opportunity to powerfully transform themselves, their relationships and the world.

Awakening Through Menopause

An Opportunity To Transform Your Life

a book by Olivera Milojkovic

112 Pages

Published by
Balboa Press on September 19, 2015

Book Tags
Body, Mind & Spirit | Inspiration & Personal Growth

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