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I love to ask questions and that’s one quality I have as a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in personal growth at menopause. I equally love to be asked questions so a perfect opportunity was created for both on this website. Here’s how it works.

After reading my book, questions will surface and the Contact page serves this purpose. Simply fill in your name, email and subject, then post your question in the message box and I will answer your question.

When more readers post questions of a similar nature, the Blog page serves as a kind of classroom and lecture hall where I can elaborate on what’s at hand. Here I will address the topic, show you my unique view, and share more personal experiences.

And for those who want more, there is Life Coaching. This is for anyone who wants to go deeper and further into the journey of self discovery. This is where things really move!

Coaching with me is a phone conversation, one hour, $50.

All three are great ways to bring issues to the surface, get answers to your questions, uncover your truth and live life fully.

An Introduction to The Metaphysics of Menopause is for small and large groups. This is a presentation of the book Awakening Through Menopause, all chapters are addressed as well as its main subject matter, menopause and spiritual awakening.

It is two hours, includes Q & A followed by a book signing. $50 per person.

The Metaphysics of Menopause Workshop is for small and large groups. It covers the eight chapters of the book in detail and highly engages the participants in a thought provoking and interactive way. All aspects of menopause and awakening are fully addressed from numerous perspectives, questions are answered, insights revealed and it’s fun!

This workshop is four consecutive weeks, one day each week for four hours. $1,200 per person.

I am available for Appearances & Book Signings.

For all the above services contact me directly 808-386-1679
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The Metaphysics of Menopause