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I am Olivera Milojkovic – Coach OM.

Midlife Coach, Author, Teacher, and Wise Woman Trainer.

I help midlife women go from crisis and mess to wisdom and inner power by teaching women how to embody the qualities of the higher self so they can live their Higher Wiser Self.


Qualities of the Wise Woman include:

You feel free.
You feel more alive then ever before.
You have tons of energy.
You look and feel years younger.
You are at peace with yourself, others, and Life.
There is great joy in every day.
You are clear minded.
You have wisdom.
You experience heightened intuition.
You have inner and outer alignment, as within, so without.
You are rooted in Being.
Everything seems easy.
You know your True Self.
You have a higher perspective.
Life makes sense.
Life has meaning and purpose.

* Are you a woman in midlife who has everything but still feels something is missing?

* Do you have worldly goods and material wealth yet there is an emptiness inside?

* Are you yearning for more? Are you craving for a deeper connection to Life?

Who I work with

Those who:
~ do whatever it takes
~ are ok to make mistakes
~ take responsibility for their own choices and own lives
~ show up ready to each session fully engaged
~ want deep, lasting change
~ are ready to work harder than me at their life

Who I don’t work with

Those who:
~ kind of want change
~ blame others
~ are not ready to apply the new mindset to their lives
~ are afraid to fail

It’s time for women to take themselves and their midlife into a whole New Era! Schedule your next session by direct messaging me on my FB page Olivera Milojkovic, on my FB page HI Midlife Cafe, or on my Instagram olivera11star.